January 27, 2015

Mobile infrastructure, marketing advances face test in winter storm Juno

  A January 27 story on the Mobile Marketer website about marketing plans around winter storm Juno included some comments from iFactor about the importance of mobile channels during weather events:

Utilities have […] significantly improved their communications capabilities through mobile over the past couple of years following Hurricane Sandy, when some customers and local governments were asking for more frequent messages from utilities providers, according to Alison Copeland, director of marketing at iFactor, Tempe, AZ. “Most utilities are acutely aware of the importance of providing mobile channels for customers during weather events, Ms. Copeland said. “During storms, iFactor has seen up to 80 percent of all traffic to outage maps coming from mobile devices.” “Due to the increased level of interaction with customers, storms are an opportunity for utilities to get more engaged with customers,” she said. “iFactor recommends that utilities take this opportunity to educate customers about the various self-service and automated tools in place for reporting power outages and communicating with their utility.”