September 6, 2018

New Map Layout Options and Features Available for Storm Center

KUBRA is excited to announce new map layout options and new features for the KUBRA Storm Center 5 solution, based on client feedback and usability studies. These changes include new sets of outage location icons and outage area shading colors that provide improved accessibility and increased mobile-first design.

There are now two layout options for Storm Center maps: Classic and Flex. Either layout can be used when the map is presented as a full-screen web application and when the map is embedded in mobile apps or web pages. Updated font sizes, button design, and new sets of outage icons, as well as updated area shading colors, improve the contrast and better comply with the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The alert banner has been moved from the top to the bottom of the map, and can be collapsed to provide an optimized view on mobile devices.

The reorganized tool panel now has three buttons to open content for Map Tools, Help or Information links, and Search and Bookmarks. The Help section of the tool panel includes configurable links that can bring customers to help documents or web pages. Additionally, the Search section of the tool panel includes a tool for bookmarking searched locations.

If you would like to convert an existing Storm Center map to use the new Flex layout option, or to use the new icon options for outages or Custom Layers, please contact KUBRA support.