August 31, 2021

New Podcast Episode Explains the Importance of Innovative Solutions for Cash-Paying Customers

There are a lot of consumers who jumped on the digital payment train and never looked back. But, there are still many others who prefer to pay their bills with cash. Some are older consumers who aren’t comfortable with digital technology while others are unbanked/underbanked individuals who have little choice but to use cash for everything. Regardless of the reason, this group of consumers deserves easy, convenient payment solutions just like everybody else.

In this episode of Experience Better: The CX Podcast, we speak with Regina Cullado, Customer Service Manager at Golden State Water, to learn more about what they have done to meet the needs of their cash-paying customers.

Tune in to learn:

  • Who are cash-paying customers?
  • What can utilities do to help these customers?
  • How does helping cash-paying customers benefit billers?

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