March 8, 2018

Robot Apocalypse or Helpful Friends? New White Paper Talks Chatbots

No matter what you personally think about chatbots, it’s hard to deny their popularity. With chatbots’ increasing integrations into smart speakers and other devices to their potential as an extraordinary customer service representative, it seems inevitable that they are here to stay.

In recent years, companies have increased their usage of chatbots and have seen great improvements in customer satisfaction and company efficiencies. In our new white paper, KUBRA takes a look at the history of the chatbot and a forecast of its future, plus the benefits chatbots bring to companies and their customers alike. The white paper also discusses the new KUBRA IQ solution and how it uses AI and conversational chatbots to create a better experience for customers in channels they use the most such as Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and text messaging.

To learn all about chatbots and how they can help your businesses, access the full white paper here.