January 4, 2018

PSEG Long Island Enrolls 1.1 Million Customers in Proactive Alerts

KUBRA is proud to announce another project launch at PSEG Long Island! The utility is a long-standing client of KUBRA and already had several KUBRA solutions in place, including Notifi Alerts and Preference Management, a Storm Center Outage Map, and a Municipal Portal.

PSEG Long Island is constantly working to improve customer service, and they approached KUBRA with two primary goals for a new project:

  1. Move from a partial-proactive outage notification strategy to full proactive alerts.
  2. Leverage recent TCPA implicit consent rulings to enroll 100% of their customer base for TCPA-compliant alerts

To respond to these goals, KUBRA worked with PSEG Long Island to upgrade them to the newest version of Notifi, which includes the Notifi Deactivation Manager.

The upgrade to the newest version of Notifi added support for limited voice conversations through IVR, including setting a language preference via phone prompt, as well as reporting a previously reported outage for low-confidence events. With these new changes implemented, PSEG Long Island can now send full implicit consent proactive alerts to clients, in addition to the previously added explicit consent alerts, which includes the ability for customers to register their mobile phone to their account, pay their bill, check their account balance, report a power outage, check the status of a reported outage, and more.  

The new Notifi Deactivation Manager is an added functionality of Notifi to help utilities stay compliant with the TCPA, while still taking a proactive customer communications approach. To stay compliant with TCPA rulings, the Notifi Deactivation Manager will automatically determine if a phone number is a mobile phone or landline before enrolling the number in Notifi proactive alerts. Contacts will then automatically be enrolled in either landline or text channels for proactive alerts, per the recent TCPA implicit consent ruling. The program will also monitor voice and SMS contacts and deregister them automatically if the phone number is disconnected or reassigned. Both of these measures will ensure that PSEG Long Island only contacts those who have opted-in and who have an eligible mobile phone number to enroll in text alerts.

With Notifi Deactivation Manager in place to protect against TCPA violations, PSEG Long Island was able to enroll all 1.1 million customers in Notifi. All customers are now able to receive TCPA compliant messages such as updates about outages or service restoration, notification of service curtailment due to failure to make a payment, ongoing field work that directly affects the customers, and more. This change helps keep customers informed and engaged with the utility, and can help deflect calls from the call center by providing proactive information to all customers.


About PSEG Long Island

PSEG Long Island is a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (PEG), a publicly traded diversified energy company with annual revenues of $9.1 billion and operates the Long Island Power Authority’s transmission and distribution system under a 12-year contract.