November 20, 2017

SMECO Improves Customer Service with Upgraded Alerts and Mobile App

SMECO has been continuously working to provide great customer experiences and has developed many different solutions throughout the years. SMECO recently released new upgrades to its Notifi alerts and preference management system, as well as the iMobile app.

The upgrade project started by adding new alerts and features through Notifi. Many of the new features focused on billing and payments, including a Past Due Termination Notice alert and an upgraded Pay Conversation text message flow. These enhancements helped SMECO meet rising customer expectations and tech advancement, as well as provided all customers more information and bill payment flexibility.

The second part of the project focused on updating the iMobile native app to function more like an online My Account portal. The app is integrated with the SMECO account manager portal, which allows customers to log in and view a list of their utility accounts with detailed information about each account available. Customers can now manage and view bills for multiple accounts with a single sign-on, report and check outages faster, and register contacts for alerts – all from within the native mobile app.

These customer experience solutions have greatly increased the customer service SMECO provides to its customers, and customers have proved appreciative. The number of phone numbers and email addresses enrolled increased 72% after the new billing programs (invoice billing, past due notices) were implemented, and app downloads increased by 41% in the months following the launch.

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